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What is PSD2?

PSD2 Digital Banking Open Banking Fintech
Olga Wałkuska photo
Olga Wałkuska
31 Oct 2019
5 min read
Payment Services Directive 2 was passed almost three years ago on 25. November 2015. However, as with most European directives it had a pretty long transition period. September 2019 was the final deadline for implementing strong customer authentication (SCA).

What does PSD2 mean for you?

Digital Banking PSD2 Open Banking Fintech
Olga Wałkuska photo
Olga Wałkuska
22 Oct 2019
4 min read
We guess we can all agree that European directives are not the buzz topics for most people; but it so happens they are for us. Having said that, let us explain why PSD2 is something worth knowing.

Will Open Banking Start a New Era in Digital Banking?

Open Banking PSD2 Fintech Digital Banking
Magda Chodobska photo
Magda Chodobska
14 Oct 2019
4 min read
Looking around, you certainly notice that we are making more and more non-cash transactions. There is a great deal of options available: debit and credit cards, mobile applications of our banks, smart watches. There is no coming back to the old days, when you always had to carry cash with you.

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